“Belinda Esquer: This Mexican-born pop chanteuse and multi-instrumentalist has one of those mellifluous voices that often works on you like a two-glass wine buzz after midnight—it’s all warm and fuzzy and has a subtle lift, and even after a shitty day (and evening) you somehow feel better. She croons and whispers atop soothers that ripple with slight Latin textures or smooth-pop refrains or jazzy inflections, yet you can tell she digs Feist and Broken Social Scene. So her sound finds her equally at home in a cocktail lounge or a folk venue or on a rock ’n’ roll stage. This lovely singer came up in Tucson bands like Yardsale Heart, Simple Violet, and her accomplished other project Head Over Heart.” – Tucson Weekly
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October 27, 2016

“Layered, uptempo, and beautiful in its composition, the instrumentals swirl perfectly into a twinkling sound around Belinda’s vocals. Pure magic, her voice highlights the pain, wonderment, and reinforced positivity that the song portrays. It’s soft – with a touch of vintage appeal – and we’re playing it on repeat.” – Moshery
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October 11, 2016

 “…heartfelt, steely…” – Purevolume
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September 9, 2016