About The Artist

Belinda Esquer 

Singer // Songwriter // Musician
Rock · Pop ·  Latin ·  Electronica

Early Years 1988-2000

(Born 1988 in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico) Belinda Esquer Fontes is the youngest of 3 children. She and her family moved to the United States when Belinda was 1 year old. For a brief period of time, Belinda Belinda Album Artwork-31moved back to Hermosillo to live with her aunt that was able to care for her until the age of 6, then she rejoin her family in Tucson, AZ. Her mother Cristina Fontes has always been a powerful influence in Belinda’s life. At an early age, Cristina encouraged her youngest daughter to develop her artistic side by always making sure there were art supplies handy. Even with very limited means, Cristina would always make sure Belinda had coloring pencils, coloring books, and a fresh box of Crayola’s as often as possible to keep the creativity flowing.

 “To this day, the smell of a brand new box of Crayola’s makes me happy”

comments Belinda, it reminds me of all those wonderful moments I shared with my mother as a child and I appreciate the hard work it took for her as a single mother to buy me a box of Crayola’s, when even putting food on the table was hard.” Belinda attributes much of her accomplishments as a musician and songwriter to her mother’s unwavering support and encouragement.

Musical Career 2001-2015

As a teenager, Belinda began her path to becoming a musician and songwriter. At the age of 13, her mother bought her, her first guitar. It was a Yamaha starter set that included an electric guitar, guitar case and stand, a small amplifier and an instructional book. There was very little that Belinda knew about music prior to receiving her first guitar; she had taken Violin lessons for 1 year in elementary school, but abandoned it after realizing her passion didn’t lie the violin. “There was something intensely attractive to me about the electric guitar. From the moment I brought it home and plugged it in, I could hardly put it down.” says Belinda. A month into her learning of the electric guitar, she wrote her first song. Pulling inspiration from her personal life, she began a catalogue of original songs that reflected her feelings about different aspects of her life – family, friendships and the complexities of puberty. Belinda admits that for her, part of the allure of writing a song is the freedom to express her true emotions without limitations that one might expect to face in the realm of everyday reality.

Continuing to develop her love of music – at the age of 16, Belinda acquired a drum set and began taking lessons. She then naturally incorporated drums into her song writing. With money she saved up from working a part-time job, she purchased other musical equipment including a microphone, a digital music recorder and everything else to create a home practice and recording studio where she made demos of her music.

In her early 20’s Belinda partnered up with a variety of local Tucson musicians. One of her very first musical projects was Yardsale Heart, a 4 piece band indulging in Pop Rock sound. The group gained some local notoriety in the downtown Tucson music scene, but the members decided to part ways and explore other musical aspirations. By the age of 25 Belinda became part of Simple Violet, a 2 piece, all female band with a raw indie rock sound. The lo-fi style duo wrote an album’s worth of original songs together, but never released it. In 2013 Belinda paired up with fellow Tucson musician Jordan Prather to create Head Over Heart, a synthpop duo with “New Wave-inspired electro sound and anxious energy with an even more retro look.” – Entertainment Weekly. http://www.ew.com/article/2015/01/14/head-over-heart-no-sleep-video?iid=sr-link1 Featured in numerous blogs and performances in Mexico and the US, Head Over Heart continues to be Belinda’s favorite band project, but the duo decided to part ways in 2016 after a series of heated disagreements over the management and musical direction of the band.

Musical Career 2016 – Present

Belinda is focusing her attention to her most challenging musical project to date – her solo music. She has released 2 solo albums – “SAND” (Spring 2016) and  “The Truth” (Fall 2016) with the guidance and recording expertise of Steven Lee Tracy of St. Cecilia Studios in downtown Tucson. Both EP’s are a reflection of Belinda’s life experiences with a narrow scope of themes, the most focal being her increasingly strained relationship with her father. The Theme of her solo project and songs remains heavily influenced by her love of pop music.

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